The Problem

Spotting the next star athlete has always been as much art as science and the explosion of data has left us looking at the past. Brooklyn Dynamics set out to develop an app that will let scouts, coaches and even players access AI tools in the field so player data can be collected, analyzed and uploaded to a global database that college and pro teams can review.

The Process

We leveraged the power of AI and machine learning to create a data driven system that is highly precise and improves itself over time.

The Results

Scouts, Coaches, GMs and Owners utilize INSYTE’s A.I. tools to increase accuracy and make faster,data driven decisions in real time.

INSYTE takes the guess work out of scouting, drafts, player vs. player comparisons, salary cap modeling, free agency and team cohesion balance.

Athletes download INSYTE, gaining direct access to elite analytics, allowing them to track and manage their own performance in real time.