About Brooklyn Dynamics

Brooklyn Dynamics Pty Ltd is a software development and sales company, specializing in predictive modelling software, with origins dating back to 2006.  Now incorporated in the USA with offices in Australia and The Bahamas.

Brooklyn Dynamics develops Custom Analytical Software. We are making a difference in multiple industries and fields including; Banking Finance & Economics, Professional & Amateur Sports, Logistics, Tourism, Communication, Healthcare, Defence and Wildlife Resources. Our focus is to provide dynamic solutions that accumulate and centralise data, and then create insights via analytics and modelling allowing prompt decision making.  We seek to achieve this via efficiency, adaptive ad innovative technology, integrity and meticulous quality control.


Cam is a seasoned CEO and founder with a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry. He has experience with machine learning platform design, database management, data analytics, and biotechnology. Cam is a strong business development professional with a Bachelor’s degree in computer science and Master's degree focused in International Business, Trade and Commerce. In 2006 he founded Brooklyn Dynamics.

Cam Potter - CEO


Our Customers

Brooklyn Dynamics forged the development of machine learning and predictive analytical software for multiple markets that includes:

- Professional Sports teams in the USA
- Professional Cycling in Europe.
- Financial Services solutions for Open Banking and Cybersecurity, Asia Pacific
- Medical professionals/teams with a focus on Type 2 Diabetes