We leverage the power of machine learning and AI to develop powerful predictive analytical software for future forecasting, recommendation and optimization

Using the power of data to predict the future


Data Driven Development

Our focus is to provide dynamic solutions that accumulate and centralise data, and then create insights via analytics and modelling, allowing prompt decision making.  We seek to achieve this via efficiency, adaptive and innovative technology, integrity and meticulous quality control.  

Our software products allow users to model their data to produce meaningful and timely information. We work closely with clients to develop and deliver customer solutions oriented to meet their needs.


A ready accessible Scouting and Talent Identification mobile app for baseball, (platforms for other sports are being developed). It’s Predictive Analytics identifies your team's strengths and competitor’s weaknesses.   It’s modelling of your data, provides you unique insights as to how your athletes perform.  

SportsTech - Talent ID

MedTech - Chronic Disease

To improve patient health, we have developed an AI algorithm which predicts the probability of developing type 2 diabetes, accurate risk prediction, detection of complications, and disease classification.

Early recognition and treatment allow patients to have significant improvements in their health, and in some cases, complete remission. (Development is underway for a similar system to detect, and combat MS).

Financial Sector API Security Platform

Cybersecurity: Open Banking API security - We have developed a platform based on “digital identity intelligence” using AI and advanced analytics, to detect and prevent fraud in real-time. Designed and built for financial institutions currently using, or transitioning to open access API technology.

Custom Platforms

We design and develop customised platforms to suit any need. Learn more about our experience in developing custom platforms and programs with case studies exploring our work with major companies around the world.  

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